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CAPITALISM is a viral meta-economic system that feeds on people, culture and nature. Beyond the comforts of your own home and behind the vivid prevarications of corporate hubs lies communities of resistance who are struggling everyday for liberty, autonomy and self-determination against corporate projects that prey on their shelters, livelihood and ecological systems.

Eco-Defense! is the Journal Publication of the UNDANGON ANG MINA NETWORK.  See how these communities of resistance battle the corporate moguls, get news from different warring cultures in West Papua; Kulon Progo, Indonesia, Wildlife in Canada; Global financial institutions funding the corporate projects in the Philippines and the Corporations behind the urban sprawl in Aurora, mining in Benguet; Nueva Viscaya; Rapu-Rapu, Albay; Palawan; and Surigao del Norte, Mindanao.

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Eco-Defense! Ish 1 -December  2011

Eco-Defense! Ish 1 -December 2011